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Franklin Clay Films offers personal development subjects related to grooming, success on the job, self-confidence, family/friend relationships, and how to make a good first impression. These DVD programs are suitable for high school, junior high, and middle school classes.

Personal Development Titles

  1. Grooming and Success
  2. How Do I Look?
  3. I'll Never Speak to You Again: When Friends Fall Out
  4. Self-Confidence: It's Up to You

Grooming and Success

Although most teenagers are thinking primarily about pleasing their peers, it is not too early to be thinking about the relationship between grooming and the job. First appearances, the ability to get the job, and the ability to keep the job are affected by a person's grooming. Teenagers describe their experience with how their appearance has affected their success on the job -- and with getting along with other people. (Please note that this video is packaged as part 2 of the program HOW DO I LOOK? -- thus you can get this title at a discounted price if it is purchased as part of HOW DO I LOOK?)

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-346           $29.00

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How Do I Look?

Good grooming affects our self-concept, ability to get along with others, and success at finding and keeping a job. "Basic Grooming Concepts" provides your students (boys and girls) with "how to" suggestions for skin care, shaving, hair care and styling, soap, deodorant, teeth, nails, and posture. Special attention is given to pimples and other skin blemishes. It stresses two "rules": (1) be neat and clean and (2) make the best of what you've got. "Grooming and Success" stresses the relationship between good grooming and employability, personal success, and first impressions. Some neat graphics. Girls and boys. Grades 7 to 12.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-345           $49.00

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I'll Never Speak to You Again: When Friends Fall Out

Many teenagers have difficulty with interpersonal relations -- and get into arguments with friends, family, or their co-workers. This program provides a number of examples of how arguments develop -- and demonstrates some effective techniques to reduce the possibilities of an argument developing. Some of the concepts presented and demonstrated include listening to the other person, concentrating on the feelings they are expressing, and compromise when it doesn't affect your core values. The situations presented are followed by an analysis of the factors causing the argument. Then the situation is played again, but this time with one of the participants modifying his/her behavior to illustrate how the outcome is changed.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-811          $29.00

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Self-Confidence:  It's Up to You

Many teenagers have self-confidence problems. In this program two teenagers help a friend work on improving his self confidence. They explain techniques that have helped them at school and in dealing with their peers. Techniques they suggest include positive thinking, preparation and practice, not comparing yourself to others, and not taking criticism personally. They give examples to make the ideas work in every day situations and also, in the particular example of giving a class report. The program is valuable for junior and senior high students.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-828          $29.00

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