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Franklin Clay Films offers health subjects related to eating disorders, food safety, food sanitation, basic nutrition, understanding food labels, anorexia, and bulimia. These DVD and programs are suitable for high school, junior high, and middle school classes.

Health Titles

  1. Anorexia and Bulimia
  2. Dietary Goals for Eating
  3. Eating Disorders -- 4 Personal Stories
  4. Safety & Sanitation in Handling Food
  5. What You See Is What You Get (Food Labels)

Anorexia and Bulimia

It's been described as an epidemic among teenage women. These eating disorders strike young women considered to be models of achievement and appearance. Pat Boone's daughter had anorexia. The well known pop singer Karen Carpenter died of anorexia. The runner Stacy Purcell had anorexia. In fact, a large percentage of those who are deep into anorexia or bulimia die from these diseases. Another fraction live -- but their lives are controlled by it. Early recognition and help provide the chances for a cure. A recovered anorexic/bulimic girl describes the diseases, their effects, and the help that can be provided the victims. Through peer recognition of the symptoms and peer help, teenagers with the potential for severe eating disorder problems can be identified and assisted. This program is valuable for your junior high and high school aged students, both boys and girls.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-712          $29.00

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Eating Disorders -- 4 Personal Stories 

Bulimia and anorexia are more common than most of us think. In this program four different young women share with us how their eating disorder affected them and how they were able to overcome their disease. Each experienced the problem while they were teenagers. Your students will become more aware of the addictive, insidious nature of the diseases and of the terror it strikes in its victims. Your students will learn some of the signs which may indicate a friend has a problem and how to help them. This program's positive message will give hope to members of your audience who may  have one of these disorders now.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-903           $49.00

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Safety & Sanitation in Handling Food

Potential food poisoning bacteria are everywhere: on our hair, in our breath, and in the air around us. Even some foods contain the potentially harmful bacteria. Time-lapse photography shows your students the growth of bacteria from meat exposed to air over a 48-hour period. These visuals dramatize the need for refrigeration. Another precaution illustrated is washing your hands before and after handling food to prevent the transfer of potentially dangerous bacteria. Teenagers are shown taking appropriate steps to prevent food infection in every day applications in the home economics classroom and in the kitchen at home. Suitable for introductory or review treatment -- for junior high and senior high classes.

DVD/Teacher's Guide         WB-123              $29.00

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What You See is What You Get
        (Food Labels)

In 1994 the new USDA and the FDA food labeling rules went into effect. What can these new food labels tell us? The additional information and the allowable claims are important. One key feature of the law is the "nutritional facts panel." How do you interpret this information? The nutrient content information is based on a 2000 calorie a day diet. How do you modify the information for your size diet? What do words mean that relate to health claims? These and many more questions are answered as the details of the new food labeling law are presented and illustrated. The material is presented by teenagers and can be put to immediate use.

DVD/Teacher's Guide           WB-906             $29.00

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