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Franklin Clay Films offers DVDs on money management, budgets and budgeting, check writing, how to clean apartments, food labels and food labeling, the FDA's  nutritional facts panel, a 2000 calorie a day diet, health claims, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and personal values. These family and consumer science and home economics programs are suitable for high school, junior high, and middle school classes.

Consumerism Titles

  1. Money Management -- how to budget and write checks
  2. How to Clean an Apartment
  3. What You See is What You Get --- FDA food labeling rules

Money Management

This program is designed to teach your students two important money management skills.  Part I, "Budget Does It," provides your students with motivation to budget for the things they value.  It stresses setting goals, determining priorities, and making a conscious decision about how they want to live.  It shows how make an inventory of present expenses, estimate future expenses, and then establish the budget.  It encourages us to set our special goals in terms of the specific dollar value and a date for achieving it.  Part II, "How to Write checks," goes into the details of how to open a checking account, deposit money, write a check, and keep records.,  Your students will learn the tricks of writing checks properly, keeping a check register, and balancing the bank statement.  The program provides a step-by-step description as well as the reason for the steps.  This program will help your students get off to a good start in handling the money she/he spends.  The material is presented by teenagers and from their point of view.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-235            $49.00

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How to Clean an Apartment

This program shows two boys in their messy apartment as they are being visited by a photographer who's doing a story on how to clean an apartment.  This program explains both the source of the dirt and the specifics of cleaning.  It stresses the importance of setting personal values for cleanliness and for compromise if you're living with someone else.  It describes the importance of cleaning for sanitation and the prevention of odors.  It helps the student set an efficient cleaning schedule by examining what has to be cleaned, how often, and by whom.  Finally, it shows how to clean the kitchen and bathroom and how to keep things in their proper place so the living space is tidy.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-116           $29.00

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What You See is What You Get

In 1994 the new USDA and the FDA food labeling rules went into effect. What can these new food labels tell us? The additional information and the allowable claims are important. One key feature of the law is the "nutritional facts panel." How do you interpret this information? The nutrient content information is based on a 2000 calorie a day diet. How do you modify the information for your size diet? What do words mean that relate to health claims? These and many more questions are answered as the details of the new food labeling law are presented and illustrated. The material is presented by teenagers and can be put to immediate use.

DVD/Teacher's Guide           WB-906          $29.00

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