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Franklin Clay Films offers dvds  on good grooming (skin care, hair care, shaving, soaps, deodorants, nails, pimples, skin blemishes), clothing, sewing, laundry care (stain removal, and sorting clothes), shirts and pants construction, pattern preparation, layout, and cutting, clothes selection, fashion, care labels, and picking your pattern, fabric and notions. These family and consumer science and home economics programs are suitable for high school, junior high, and middle school classes. 

Clothing Titles

  1. How do I Look?  -- basic grooming concepts 
  2. Laundry Care Means Longer Wear
  3. Let's Sew: Shirts & Pants Construction
  4. Pattern Preparation, Layout & Cutting
  5. Picking Your Pattern, Fabric & Notions
  6. Your Clothes Lines are Showing: Line & Design

How do I Look?

Good grooming affects our self-concept, ability to get along with others, and success at finding and keeping a job. "Basic Grooming Concepts" provides your students (boys and girls) with "how to" suggestions for skin care, shaving, hair care and styling, soap, deodorant, teeth, nails, and posture. Special attention is given to pimples and other skin blemishes. It stresses two "rules": (1) be neat and clean and (2) make the best of what you've got. "Grooming and Success" stresses the relationship between good grooming and employability, personal success, and first impressions. Some neat graphics. Girls and boys. Grades 7 to 12.

DVD/Teacher's Guide         WB-345           $49.00

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Laundry Care Means Longer Wear

This two-part program provides the basic how to do it in laundry care. "Rules to Remember" deals with such fundamental concepts as frequency of cleaning, sorting clothes, detergent selection, and stain removal. It covers the use of solvents, bleaching agents, and water/alkalis/acids. It tells how to decide which stain remover to use on which material. It also describes the dip, steam, dropper, and sponge methods of applying stain removers. "Following the Label" describes how to select the preferred cleaning method for each garment in your closet. Stress is given to understanding the "care labels' sewn to the garment. Several filing systems are described by which the student can keep track of the cleaning, drying, and pressing method recommended for each item of clothing. Your students will develop a whole new appreciation for methods of cleaning and caring for their clothes.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-483          $49.00

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Let's Sew: Shirts & Pants Construction

This two-part series is crammed with practical tips for sewing shirts and pants from a pattern. "Let Your Pattern Guide be Your Guide" shows your students how to sew a shirt in a simple, clear, step-by-step process. Hems, patch pockets, cuffs, collars, sleeves, button holes, and facings are a few of the subjects covered. "Finish as You Sew" shows the construction of a pair of pants. It illustrates several ways to make diagonal front pockets, to put in zippers, to construct flat-felled inner seams, to make waist bands, to sew the invisible hem, and to fit the slacks so they really look right on you. Both boys and girls are shown working on the projects and wearing the completed clothing. Teenage narrators tell us their experience. You'll find this one valuable as a starter, as a basis for discussion, and as review.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-516           $49.00

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Pattern Preparation, Layout & Cutting

Sewing a garment successfully begins long before you get out the sewing machine! This two-part program carefully guides your students through fabric preparation and pattern alteration, layout, cutting, and marking. In pattern preparation they learn how to recognize woven and knit fabrics, how to straighten the fabric, and the importance of laundering or pressing certain fabrics before sewing. In pattern alteration they learn how to obtain body measurement correctly, the concept of ease, and here and how to make the alterations in the pattern. In pattern layout your students learn how to use the guide sheet to lay out the pattern, how and when to pin the pattern to the fabric and how to account for plaid, stripes, napped, or directional prints. Cutting discusses proper use of shears and where to cut the pattern. Marking Illustrates the use of dress maker's carbon and tailor's tack. Applicable to beginning and advanced classes, boys and girls.

DVD/Teacher's Guide          WB-515           $49.00

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Picking Your Pattern, Fabric & Notions

This program takes the mystery out of selecting and purchasing a pattern. Teenage narrators help us understand pattern views and how to select their correct size and figure type from the pattern books. Teenagers describe how to find suggestions for appropriate fabrics, how to determine the yardage required, and what notions will be needed. Basic sewing aids and tools are described as well. You will use this excellent program over and over for your beginning classes in sewing. Both boys and girls are shown. The program is most appropriate for grades 7 through 10.

DVD/Teacher's Guide         WB-512             $29.00

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Your Clothes Lines are Showing: Line & Design

How do we select clothes that are best for our particular figure and body style? How do designers go about selecting good-looking clothes? How can we put the same ideas to work for us? This two-part program uses designer's sketches (boys clothes and girls clothes) to make the points. The first part describes the principles of design -- proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and unity. The second part covers the elements of design -- line, shape, color, value, and texture. This program will help the short person dress to look taller and the tall person dress to look shorter (or taller!). Fashion and design can work for all of us. The information is presented in a simple, "you can do it yourself" way. Your junior high and senior high classes will be using this one for a long time!

DVD/Teacher's Guide         WB-441             $49.00

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